Today’s comic phones home.

↓ Transcript
Benni: ... an her legs were taped up, an’ I saw blood on her feet, like he done been stabbed or somethin’.

Flora: That’s terrible, Benni! And Talitha, please stop playing with yourself.

Talitha: Aww! But it feels good!


Flora: Hold that thought until I’m off the phone, Benni. A- and Talitha, I know it does, but just stop for now, okay? We’ll talk about it later.

Flora: Hello? Kaleb! Where are you? The hospital?! Are you okay? Oh! So Tanya got hurt? Badly?

Flora: Extra clothes? What happened with yours? Oh, right, the storm.

Flora: Okay, I’ll be there as soon as I can, Honey. Just watch Tanya for me, and her dad and I will meet you there.

Flora: Benni! Do me a favor. Hurry and get your clothes on. A- and make sure that Tali gets hers on as well. I’m going to make a call while you’re doing that, and then we’re off for the hospital!