In today’s comic, Benni’s thinks about his future.

↓ Transcript
Benni: I did somethin’ bad, mrs. flora!

Flora: Benni! Benni! Stop! What happened?!

Benni: It was so bad! Kaleb ‘n Tawny, they was cornered, an tawny was bein’ forced t’ have sex! An’ I- I tried t’ control m’self, but I- I think I killed a kit!

Flora: Where’s Kaleb and Tanya now, Benni?

Benni: I- I don’t know! I went back t’ where they was, and they was gone away!

Flora: Come on, Benni, l- let’s get you cleaned up. They might show up in the meantime. I know Kaleb, so the best thing for us to do is stay here. He’ll find us.

Benni: I’m scared, Mrs. Flora!

Flora: Now, you get cleaned up, and we’ll wait, together!

Talitha: Ben-Ben?