Today’s comic shines bright.

↓ Transcript
Detective Bokat: Answer me, Ray! Did you honestly think you’d get away with screwing little boys? Is your wife not good enough for you?

Detective Bokat: And now we find out that your daughter’s been molesting other kits! I oughta throw the book at you!

Detective Manwell: Yep..

Detective Manwell: But we’re willing to make a offer a leaner sentence, maybe only a couple years, if you cooperate with us, but only if you cooperate.

Ray: All of this is just hearsay! I’ve done nothing wrong!

Detective Bokat: Bah! If I had my way, I’d give you a life sentence!

Detective Manwell: Tell you what, Ray. I’m getting tired. WHy don’t you think it over tonight? THen we can talk about what the search warrant found.