Today’s comic is in the shadows.

↓ Transcript
Guard: Open door number three!

Guard: Suback! wake up! You’ve got a bunkmate!

Ray: Suback? Ty, is that you?

Tibron: Who’s askin’?

Ray: It's Ray.

Tibron: What The hell you in for?

Ray: I screwed up, Ty. I knew I should’ve left Talitha alone. You know how social she is! I just found out She’s raped a boy. I’m screwed!

Tibron: No you ain't!

Ray: It gets worse. They know I’ve been having sex with Benni. I haven’t told them anything, but they know.

Tibron: What??

Tibron: Dammit! If you say anything about me, I’m gonna find you and kill you myself!

Ray: I think Benni’s the one spilling the beans, ty!