In today’s comic, there’s a change.

↓ Transcript
Flora: Go ahead and put these clean clothes on, Kaleb. Say, What happened to the clothes you had on?

Kaleb: They’re in a bag behind the bed.

Flora: Ah.

Brenda: Say, I don’t think we’ve properly met. I’m Brenda, and that’s my daughter, Bonnie. Unfortunately, we do need to get going, so I must bid you adieu.

Brenda: Oh! Before I go, here’s my number in case you need a witness statement. Also, if you’re looking for a cubsitter, Bonnie’s available.

Flora: I’ll keep that in mind.

Flora: Thank you so much for looking out for the kits, Brenda. It means so much to Tanya’s dad and I.

Brenda: It’s my pleasure!


Flora: Speaking of Tanya’s dad...

Colin: Sorry I’m late! *gasp* I got *cough* pulled over on the way here!