Today’s comic is interrupted.

↓ Transcript
Colin: Everything’s going be alright, honey. I’m here. Daddy’s here.

Flora: Kaleb says that they were ganged up on. And from what Benni and him both told me...

*squeeking door*

Kaleb: Thanks for the dry clothes, mom. Oh, hey, Mr. Locket!

Colin: Kaleb, I want you to tell me about everything you saw today.

Kaleb: Well, I- I’ll try.

*Knock on door*

Nurse: Oh, Sorry! I didn’t realize there was a full house. I can come back later!

Colin: What’re you here for?

Nurse: Just doing a screening.

Nurse: There was a rape kit ordered for a ‘Tanya locket’. Like I said, I’ll come back later.

Kaleb: What’s a 'rape kit'?

Flora: Uh, Kaleb, honey, why don’t you go sit with Benni for a bit?