In today’s comic, there’s not much to see.

↓ Transcript
Colin: So, Kaleb, is this where the fight happened?

Kaleb: Yessir.

Colin: A- are those what I think they are?

Kaleb: Yeah, they're Tanya’s panties.

Kaleb: This is the knife he used to cut ‘em off.

Colin: Don’t touch it! leave it for the police.

Kaleb: But I already touched it! She was all taped up and I had to cut it all off to get her away!

Kaleb: See! There’s still tape on the pipe. That’s how he tied her up, an’ there was also a weird smelling jar that was sitting here.

Colin: Jar, you say?

Kaleb: Yeah, it had cotton in it, and it smelled a bit like medicine.

Colin: Damn, it sounds like he used chloroform. do you remember anything else?

Kaleb: Well, the cat’s shorts and undies were laying in the mud over there.

Benni: They ain't here!

Colin: What’s not here, Benni?

Benni: The flowers I bought! I found Kaleb’s backpack ‘n helmet, an’ I looked ‘round ’cause I left ‘em there, too, but they’s gone!

Colin: Don’t worry, Benni! We can buy more.