In today’s comic, Colin makes a pit stop.

↓ Transcript
Kaleb: Mr. Locket?

Colin: Call me 'Colin', Kaleb.

Kaleb: Okay, mr. Colin, if you’re just picking up Hunter, why do you need an hour? That seems like a ton of time to pick him up, don’t ya’ think?

Colin: Well, we’re not just picking up Hunter, Boys. I want you to take me to where this fight happened, and tell me everything you can remember. Try to remember the names of the kits who did this, and what they looked like.

Kaleb: Well, it happened over by Woodfin park. some kit told her she should check it out, an’ I told her that’s where all the fights happen after school. I didn’t want to go, but--

Kaleb: Hey, why are we pulling in here?

Colin: I’m going to buy a camera, and make a quick call to the police. this was more than a schoolyard fight, Kaleb. This whole thing was planned, and man help me, the kit that did this will be lucky to see juvenile hall if not prison!

Kaleb: Wow, I think he means business!