In today’s comic, the fox is the one herding.

↓ Transcript
Colin: Hey Kaleb, Benni, I’ve got good news: Tanya’s awake!

Talitha: Hi, mister!

Colin: Oh, who's this?

Talitha: I’m Talitha, an’ I’m almost six year old!

Talitha: I’m being cubsat by Mrs. Flora, an’ she’s also cubsittin’ Benni, too, So we’re gonna have lots of fun!

Colin: I see... Well, come with us. Tanya’s still out of it, so she might not be very talkative.

Colin: Are you coming, Benni?

Benni: I’ll be *sniff* there in *sniff* a minute...

Colin: What's wrong?

Benni: I bought mrs. Flora some roses, an’ I lost ‘em in th’ storm, an’ now I ain‘t got no money t’ replace ‘em!

Colin: Okay! calm down, and we’ll talk about it later. Let’s go see Tanya first, Okay?

Benni: 'Kay... *SNIFF*