In today’s comic, Flora offers support.

↓ Transcript

Tanya: I'm done going, Mrs. V.!

Flora: Do you need any help, 'hon?

Tanya: Yeah... I'm dizzy and I don't wanna fall...

Flora: Alright, I'm coming in.

Flora: Okay, arms out, Tanya. You made a mess of that gown, but It’s good you had it!

Tanya: But I'll be naked...

Flora: Don’t worry, your dad brought some clothes for you.

Tanya: 'kay...

Flora: Now, just grab onto me, and I’ll wipe, okay? That's a good girl!

Colin: Can we come n, Flora?

Flora: Give me a minute!

Flora: Alright, back to the bed we go.

Tanya: *groan*

Flora: I know, 'hon...

Flora: Now, cover yourself so the boys don’t see you. I’ll have your dad go get your clothes.

Flora: You can come in now, Colin!