In today’s comic, Flora states the facts.

↓ Transcript
Flora: Aside from Talitha, there’s something else I think that you should know, Colin.

Colin: What's That?

Flora: Well, I’ve allowed a tiny little change in the dress code.

Colin: What, are they going to run around the house in their undies? I suppose I can be okay with that.

Flora: Something like that...

Colin: Well, what is it then?

Flora: Well, let me say this first, Colin...

Flora: I’m only doing this because I want Benni comfortable so he’ll open up about his past, but anyhow, I’m going to let the boys be naked while they’re in the house.

Colin: You're WHAT?

Flora: I’ve only allowed the bedroom, for now.

Colin: Flora! You can’t just let them run around naked. Especially in their room, alone! Do you know what boys do when they can get naked in their room?

Flora: They masturbate?

Colin: They masturbate!

Flora: So what, Colin? I mean you instill the fear of man into your kits so they won’t do it, but you can’t stop them from figuring it out, and they will figure it out.

Colin: That’s what scares me, Flora. I think mine already have!