In today’s comic, Colin states his concern.

↓ Transcript
Flora: Forgive me for saying this, Colin, but if you suspect that your kits are masturbating, then they probably already are. Tanya’s at an age where she’s going to be curious about sex, and Hunter, well, he’s probably only curious of his body.

Colin: *sigh* I talked to Tanya last night about Hunter, and also things like rape. The topic of sex really interested her, and that’s when she told me that she
had... fingered herself.

Flora: She actually said that?

Colin: Yes...

Colin: And hunter? Over the last few months, I’ve caught him naked in his room, taking the cloths off of Tanya’s dress-up dolls and such.

Flora: Hmm. Did he have any erections or was he playing with himself?

Colin: Not that I recall.

Flora: Well, it sounds to me that Tanya is, for sure. As for Hunter, well, unless he’s aroused playing with those dolls, it sounds to me like you have yourself a little nudist, and if that’s the case, I wouldn’t worry.

Colin: Huh? Why?

Flora: As long as he’s not doing anything sexual with other kits, it’s perfectly harmless, and His bedroom’s the only place he has to himself. I’m not saying to let him run around naked like my boys, but don’t punish his privacy.

Colin: *sigh* Let me think about it.