Today’s comic is testing.

Author’s Note:

In the real world, a rape screening is a time consuming process and can be embarrassing to a victim. There are a whole battery of tests that are accomplished during a screening, evidence availability permitting, such as having having one’s clothes screened for skin, hair, or blood, up to having one’s orifices (Mouth, Anus, Vagina) swabbed for possible DNA evidence. Thus, a full screening can take several hours to accomplish.

What I have depicted in today’s comic is not only the most invasive test done for a female victim, but also the most important. While I have taken some artistic liberties in order to showcase Colin’s parental concern and reduce the number of nurses I might otherwise have to draw, it would be a travesty to victims everywhere to censor such an important step in the process.

It is also important to note that normally, there would be a team of nurses doing the screening, and that the same sex of nurse would be provided, trained staff permitting. In the case of minor children, parents are allowed to witness the procedure.

↓ Transcript
Nurse: Look, sir, I get it. I don’t want to see another beast touching my kit. sadly, she’s not the first girl that I’ve screened here, but she is the first under twelve, or unconscious like this.

Nurse: Okay, first, we’ll need to spread the legs open. This will open her labias. For the next step, you’ll need to put on some gloves.

Nurse: Now, I’m going to have you spread her labias open so I can swab her vaginal canal. Don’t stretch them out. just open the canal.

Colin: Like this?

Nurse: Perfect!

Nurse: Now, to get the sample...

Nurse: Okay, good job, dad! Unfortunately, we still need another sample.