Today’s comic is greeted warmly.

↓ Transcript
Kaleb: Hey, Benni. Mom said you’d be out here. She also said you helped us earlier. I Think that’s awesome. Want to go get a soda?

Benni: No thanks. I’m... not really feelin’ like it.

Talitha: Oooh! You’re Flora’s kit!

Talitha: Your mom’s cubsitting me for a few days. We‘ll get to play games an’ have fun playin’ stuff together!

Kaleb: Gah!

Talitha: Oh! I found a neat picture book. I wanted to read it to Benni, but he says he’s feelin’ sad, so I’ll read it to you ‘stead!

Talitha: See! It’s called ‘Beauty an’ a Bison’ and there’s a rose on the top. It’s just like in the movie!