Slowness issues

November 10, 2018

If anyone is experiencing slowness when loading site pages, or 404 errors, please excuse them. The new host has quotas on things like CPU cycles and RAM use, and so far, I am already running up against exceeding these limitations by a large margin. In one instance so far that I know of, the site has been blacked out for about 10 minutes.

I am currently looking into upgrading the service. Please stand by. 🙂

User registration is open!

October 31, 2018

User registration is not required to read the comic, but does allow you additional community features.

Forward for new readers!

September 28, 2018


Forest Hill discusses issues of childhood, childhood sexuality, abuse, and neglect. As such, this comic contains topics and elements not suitable for children, but at the same time, they are topics and elements they should be completely made aware of. Thus, I recommend Parental Guidance not just as a measure of whether the comic is suitable for a child to read, but whether it can also be a catalyst of discussion between parent and child. As such—while I do intend to artistically censor certain aspects—I have no intention to dumb down the topics, or talk down to the audience.

This comic contains nudity and sexual situations to various degrees. It is my intention to keep the comic informative and in a positive direction, so frontal nudity (including naughty bits) and depictions of sexual behaviors may be shown from time to time; however, sexual behaviors that are not generally considered socially positive, healthy, or acceptable will be artistically censored in some way, depending on the situation. As my readers come from various backgrounds, it is to be expected that people will have various definitions of what this means, but the general idea is that that the more violent these behaviors are, the ...