Password reset issues

December 24, 2022

So apparently, some (many?) people have been have issues with password resets and/or being blocked, and I was unaware it was happening. This has been resolved.

It’s not a bug. It’s a feature.

December 20, 2022

Some slight changes to the website have been made:

  1. The latest comic will no longer be viewable on the front page. You can still use comic navigation to view individual strips.
  2. I’m working to find a solution for restricting mature content. Things WILL change.
  3. Your comments are still there. Please bear with me as I find viable solution that meets all needs. Until that time, readers are required to log in to view the last few pages.

E-mail addresses for comment correspondence

December 19, 2022

Comments with an verifiable e-mail are encouraged. However, in an interest to foster fair and reasonable discussions, any commenters that do not have a verifiable e-mail will continue to be flagged and reviewed by moderation, which means that any comments from readers with an unverified e-mail may not be approved immediately.

HOWEVER, effective at the time of this posting:

Even if a reader with an unverifiable e-mail has their initial comment approved, any subsequent comments will require a verified e-mail address; otherwise, these comments are subject to deletion regardless of value to the conversation.

Thanks for reading!