Forest Hill is a slice-of-life comic revolving around the daily lives of a few elementary age kids and their parents, and all the (mis-)adventures they get into as they go about their daily lives.

The setting is approximate to the Appalachian Mountain chain (The Apals) around what we would call the mid-1990’s.


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Tanya Locket

Age: 9

When it comes to playing rough with the boys, she
can hold her own, though she sometimes bites off
more than she can chew. She’s daddy’s little girl,
and usually gets what she wants. She’s a tomboy
at heart, whether her father wants to acknowledge it
or not.


Kaleb Veloux

Age: 9

A natural leader in the making, Kaleb often has to keep his friends in check, but will stick up for his friends when needed.


Maricio “Munch” Oreja

Age: 9

The elder son of a successful businesscat, he’s got all of the latest toys. He tends to watch a lot of television, read comics, and play video games, which doesn’t help his over-active imagination.



Paz Oreja

Age: 7

Unlike his brother Munch, Paz is more down-to-earth. He’s not really into the latest video games and music, and instead turns his energy to more creative outlets.



Hunter Locket

Age: 4

Hunter loves to sing, dance, and draw, and is very curious, but he tends to dislike new places and people.



Benni Subak

Age: 11

Benni’s a bully, no way around that, but is there something he’s hiding?



Talitha Verost

Age: 5 (Almost 6!!)

Tali’s what you’d call the ‘life of the party’. She’s very sociable, and loves making new friends.





Full name: Colin Locket

Age: 31

Colin is a recruiter for chain of grocery stores, or at least that’s what he did. Now, he’s off to head-start a whole new region of stores, taking his kits in tow.



Full name: Flora Veloux

Age: 29

Flora is a rather conservative lady, struggling to make ends meet by working temp jobs. She is very religious, and is more than willing to help others in need, even though she knows that she can’t really afford to do so.


Karmen Defay

Age: 40

Karmen may be short in stature, but she makes up for it attitude. Despite being an agent of the county department of family services, she’s seen a lot, but that doesn’t stop her from smiling.