Q&A #1, January 1st, 2018

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Submitted by: Alfafilly ( Twitter: @Alfafilly )
It’s not related to the world, but I’ve wondered how much research/testimonies you read into to portray your characters’ acting? It always feels convincing, so I’m rather curious.

For general characterization, story, and pacing, I’ve been influenced by classic works of literature, such Les Miserables, Don Qixote, and The Count of Monte Cristo, and contemporary novels, such as the books of Beverly Cleary (Fudge, Ramona Quimby.) They set a very high bar, and I can only dream of making something even 1/10th as good. As for influences on the current story, there are various books, stories, and personal accounts I’ve read over the years that recount not only the abuse, but the aftermath, One such book is “A Child called ‘It’”.

Submitted by: Matthew Sontag ( Twitter: @maddag202066 )

What gave you a idea for this kind of topic and whats your goal and message your trying to say in the comic?

I actually just kind of ventured into the topic. Basically, it all started when I was questioning Benni’s motives when after his short appearance in the strip. It was then that I came to the conclusion that he couldn’t have such a short temper about him, unless there was something he was hiding.

Submitted by: Frozen Minksicle ( Twitter: @xyz_mink )
Character Question: Benni, What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re bored?

Well, now that I’m livin’ with Mrs. Flora and I ain’t back in school yet, I got Kaleb’s vidya games that I can play, an’ Kaleb’s got a lot of books that I can read, too. ‘Course, there’s always T.V, but it’s just dumb soap operas ‘round lunch time. It used to be that I had nothin’ to do, ‘cept read the huntin’ magazines an’ nudies Pa used to buy. We never had a T.V, let ‘lone any vidya games.

Submitted by: Scott fox
Character Question: Benni, what’s the worst thing you have in your life?

The worst thing I got is not knowin’ where I’m goin’ and whether I’m gonna like it there. B’fore I met Mrs. Flora an’ Kaleb, I never knew if I was gonna pack up an’ leave behind everythin’ I knew, or if I was gonna get a beatin’ from Pa, or whether I had to help pa make new friends, but now I’m learnin’ things ‘bout myself that I never knew I liked, like how to saute spinach an’ carrots in butter, an’ learnin’ to be a brother, an’ how I ain’t gotta be scared no more ‘round adults if they get mad at me. Things I still ain’t used to yet!