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Who are your favorite characters so far?

Who are your favorite characters so far and what makes them your favorite? Kalab and Benni are my favorites. They both have developed as characters and have a great heart to them. They are not perfect characters but are likable enough for you to root for them or feel bad when they do something wrong or get hurt.

To be honest, all of the mains so far, but my hero of the story has to be Flora. She's had so much happen to her, from her past of being seduced by Whistlestop, to losing her husband, to being a single mother. But she hasn't let any of this stop her from being a kind, compassionate and caring individual nor from holding herself to an extremely high moral standard as crisis after crisis batters her and those around her. It might be a weakness to some, but at the same time it is her greatest strength, and something that I would personally love to see more of in the real world.

And of course I am pulling for her to deepen and develop her relationship with Colin! The two have so much in common, yet their differences don't influence how they see each other and it would certainly be a boon to both Flora and our favorite fox dad.