Today’s comic is in the bag.

↓ Transcript
Nurse: Well, Mrs., umm, Locket, right?

Flora: Call me 'Flora'.

Nurse: Okay, Flora, I’ve got all I need, and she’s waking up nicely, so she’s good to go!

Nurse: I’ll go grab her a wheelchair while you get her ready.

Flora: Thank you.

Flora: Talitha, can you hand me that bag on over on the table, please?

Talitha: Yes, ma'am!

Talitha: Here they are, Mrs. Flora!

Flora: Thanks, honey!

Tanya: Who's this girl? Why's she here?

Talitha: Mrs. Flora's cubsitting me!

Flora: Her name’s Talitha; She’ll be staying with me a few days. Now, let’s see: we’ve got a skirt and a t-shirt. Something’s missing...

Talitha: Pretty!

Tanya: I hate skirts...

Flora: Wait a second...

Flora DAMMIT COLIN! You forgot to pack her some panties!