In today’s comic, Colin takes a lead.

↓ Transcript
Colin: Sorry that took so long, Flora. I brought Tanya’s clothes from the car, and I had to make a few calls to fill out her paperwork.

Flora: Okay, leave them on the table. She’s in the middle of an exam.

Talitha: An’ then he said...


Colin: By the way, I saw it was almost 6:00, and I need to go pick up Hunter. Is this going to take long?

Flora: Not long. Maybe a few more minutes?

Colin: I see.

Talitha: Get away from my princess!


Colin: Well, how about I meet you back at your place and we can figure out what we’re going to do with the kits.

Flora: I don’t have enough room in the car for all of them, though.

Talitha: An’ that ain’t all! he got mad at ‘em!


Colin: Hmm. I think You’re right, Flora...

Talitha: An’ then the bison wen’t like this! *growling noises*


Colin: Tell you what: I’ll take the boys with me. you take care of the girls and We’ll meet you back at your place in say... about an hour?

Flora: That sounds good... dear.

Talitha: An’ then she bent over an’ kissed him!

Kaleb: Gasp!