In today’s comic, the nurse comes to call.

↓ Transcript
Nurse: Hello in here! I hear somebeast is awake!

Nurse: Oh! You must be that handsome young beast’s mother. He’s almost a spitting image of you!

Nurse: As for you, young lady, let’s get your vitals and give you a quick exam to make sure everything is working okay, Then we’ll have you out of here and back home in a jiffy!

Nurse: Pardon me, kits! Ms. Tanya needs a little privacy. Why not sit with your friend? This’ll only take a couple minutes, okay? Thanks!

Kaleb: Are you doin’ a ‘grape kit’ on her, too?

Nurse: Oh, heavens no, 'hon!

Flora: Hmm?

Nurse: Hi! My name’s Gabby! Now, I know it’s cold, but we need to take that warm blanket off so we can check your injuries. okay, ‘hon?

Tanya: Are you going to look at... my ‘gina?

Nurse: Nope! Only the rest of you, okay?

Nurse: What happened to her gown?

Flora: She... threw up on it.

Nurse: Ah, I see. Well, I’ll make this quick as I can! Poor girl, She’shad a rough day.