Today’s comic is caring.

↓ Transcript
Flora: Tanya’s still feeling out of it, kits, so keep it quiet. If she wants to talk, let her, but don’t expect her to.

Colin: Just visit for a few minutes, Benni. Tanya would appreciate it.

Flora: Hey, Colin, did you bring a change of clothes for Tanya?

Colin: Oh, yeah, I did! Let me go get them...

Flora: Oh, And colin! Make sure the paperwork’s done so she can leave. You do have her insurance card, right?

Colin: Good point! I’ll take care of it right now!

Talitha: Did she get in fight? She’s all beated up!

Kaleb: Yeah, she did.

Talitha: Oh!

Talitha: When I get hurt, my daddy gives me kisses. Do ‘ya Want me to kiss her boo-boo’s away?

Flora: You... won’t need to do that, Tali.