In today’s comic, Tanya is holding on.

↓ Transcript
Tanya: Where am I? Daddy, is that you? I'm scared, Daddy...

Colin: TANYA!

Colin: I’m here, Tanya! Thank the masters that you’re okay!

Tanya: *cough* Where's Kaleb?

Colin: He’s been waiting for you to wake up. *sniff*

Tanya: Wake up? How lo--

Colin: Sh- shhh. Just get some water in you and rest up a bit. We’ll talk about all of that later.

Colin: That’s my girl. Drink it up, and you’ll be back up in no time.

Flora: Let me go grab a nurse, Colin.

Colin: Bring the boys, too, while you’re there.

Tanya: Daddy, I have to pee...

Colin: Err, How about I go get them instead?