In today’s comic, Colin skips a beat.

↓ Transcript
Colin: You know, Flora, I’ve been thinking: You’ve done so much for me the past few weeks since I moved here, I honestly can’t thank you enough, and even now, with everything that’s happened, you’ve still kept the interests of my kits in mind.

Colin: And the kits get along well enough--although, I’m pretty concerned about whether Hunter would be safe around that girl--but you seem to be handling
Benni, so I think I can trust your judgement.

Colin: Also, I had a good time chatting when we ate over at Dingo-Roo’s. A- Anyhow, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I- I like you. I was hoping that, maybe, you might feel the same way?

Flora: Aww, Colin, that’s so sweet, And, yes, I do! And you’re right, we’ve got to keep them separated. Tell you what...

Flora: Tanya’s probably going to have lady questions, so I think it’s best I watch her tonight. You take the boys and get your mind off of things. What do you say?

Colin: I think I can work with that.

Tanya: Daddy...