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Forest Hill: Religious aspects

This short story was posted several years ago, but it is still valid toward the overall canon.


(Forgive me, for I am not the most elegant writer.)

I am a man of spiritual nature, but not a religious one, so when it comes to things religious, I try to tread lightly. That said, when developing the characters for Forest Hill, a proper treatment would be incomplete without the inclusion of a religion, or spirituality in general, to each character’s background. Those readers already familiar with the back story of Forest Hill may have already deduced that I have (so far) included not one, but two, religions into the story, although I really have only waded into one of them. Some of you may have already figured what they represent, but if you haven’t, I have written some background on the two. See if you can figure out what they represent:

Egladarians: A religion followed by most predator and game species, such as cats, foxes, weasels, stoats, deer, raccoons, birds of prey, etc.

Egladarians fear the return of Man. Their historical writings suggest that not long after their creation, they banded together and rebelled against man over a perceived mistreatment or their people. At first, man left them alone, and all was well, but it didn’t take long before more extreme Egladarians began to hunt and enslave not only Mankind, but also fellow Faricians. However, Man fought back. The more peaceful Egladarians were forced to then go into hiding, often going days or weeks without food or water to avoid the slaughter. Eventually, peace was achieved, but at a large cost. Thus, as a result, the Egladarians learned to tread lightly, not wanting to repeat their past mistakes.

Faricians: A religion followed by predominately prey and/or domesticated species: Dogs, Rabbits, sheep, cattle, most birds, most reptiles, etc.

Faricians never really had a problem with Man, but not without fault. Early in their history, some did have problems with man as well, but they were not eager to use violence, instead opting for more peaceful means, such as opening dialogue with man. As a result, man did take notice, and was more willing to accept them, even doing business and social events. When the Egladarians broke away, many Faricians grew incensed at the brutal attacks and enlisted into the human armies to fight back. After the battle, the Faricians were celebrated, but shunned. Many Faricians did find work among Man as entertainers and servants, though, and this pleased them. After Man left the world, though, the Faricians felt empty, turning their worry into hope that Man would once again return and bring them happiness.


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Thanks for sharing that, Campion.  I'm not entirely sure what to think, not only of the religions themselves, but in the role that Man plays in their history.

Great insight! That was written vary well. I like how it's similar but not an exact copy of religions. If a prequel was ever made. It does have a "rise of the planet of the apes" or "secret of nymph" feel to the story. I like that its more about how loyal predators and pray are to man. Dispite how bad they were treated.

I'm a student of history, well, insomuch as it revolves around the evolution of arms and technology (blame my trade of blademaking for that) and this is just fascinating! I'd love to learn the why of the creation of anthropomorphic species and the even that eventually brought about mankind's disappearance. I can't help it. I love lore and stories!

In all, that's beyond intriguing and would certainly explain aspects of the society that we're seeing in the comic. Thank you for sharing that!!!