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Fur, Clothing and Modes of Modesty for Anthropomorphics

So with the recent comic we see Kaleb curled up protectively on a hospital bed with Tanya while being clad only in his knickers, plus various bits of nudity from other characters in fairly mundane situations.

So, the question is, would characters that have fur truly need clothing for the sake of modesty, or would their own pelts provide the necessary sense of decorum. It's an interesting question as we will always apply human norms and standards to things that are not human. Whether it's clothing, or a perceived set of morals and standards, we can't help but project human perspectives, as being human is the only thing we're familiar with!

Some other things that might fall into this category would be bathing, cooking food, and social interactions.

For now, though, let's stick with clothing! I know that I, for one, were I a character such as Colin Locket or other species with thick and rather luxurious fur, I'd wear very little, preferring to show of both fur and coloration, and after interacting with many different animals like foxes, raccoons, cats, dogs and so on whilst managing an animal and wildlife rescue, natural fur provides ample 'coverage' for the sake of modesty with the exception of various short-hair breeds of animals. In point of fact, clothing that humans often find cute on animals tend to interfere with their natural heat regulation.

Now, the characters in 'Forest Hill' are apparently genetic constructs, the inheritors of the world after humans have died off. At this point it looks like the various species have certainly developed their own mixed culture, and have opted for clothing. We don't know if this is simply for aesthetics, need, or simply a fashionable application. So what are some of the thoughts of some of my fellow 'Forest Hill' fans? And of course we need Mr. Campion's input as he is the Grand Deity Creator for his world! Are their regions where nudity is common?

And that, of course, brings up sexual triggers, but I think that can be an entire subject all on it's own!

Let the discourse begin!

I suppose these characters can all be clothing themselves to suit the ‘lowest common denominator’ so to speak.  As you point out, Estoc, there are some species with little to no fur: elephants, rats, and short-haired dog breeds to name a few.  Those wont have enough to hide their sexual equipment (heck, we can see Kaleb’s nipples in the latest comic).

If these characters feel that their Creator has commanded them to hide those parts, they may interpret that as clothes for everyone, regardless of natural fur coverage.  They do seem to have some rather strong and invasive religious beliefs (consider the strip in which Flora goes to confession).

I don’t recall that Campion has touched very much on the origins of this world.  If these characters have inherited it from humans, as you suggest, it may be that ancient records of humanity still exist (perhaps in the hands of the priesthood).  Any images of humans wearing clothes may be interpreted as a mandate that these children of men do the same.

When I first saw this topic, I thought it said, "Fur and Clothing in Las Vegas."

It's a mix of several things, really. Part of it is based on mimicking humans, part modesty, and part need. Although they have fur, there may be times when simple fur is not enough, such as in cold weather. If you read back through Flora's Story, you'll see in the first few frames that she's all bundled up. Now, given that they do have fur, the weight of the cloth would need to be lighter and breath better.

Religion would certainly play a part in the grand scheme of things, as they would want to promote that things such as nudity and procreation are shameful. As an aside, religion would also promote that having sexual relations outside of one's species would lead to genetic abominations. By this time frame in society, science would certainly know better that having inter-species sex would not only result in nothing, but they would also understand why that is, but the voice of religion would require a pretty strong voice to overcome.

You can unlock any door, if you only have the key.

These are all fantastic reasons for clothing! And I agree completely that adherence to religious traditions would certainly play a part in things. Then there are those that would be ill-suited for environmental conditions that are the opposite of that they evolved for. A fennec would suffer terribly in an extremely cold region while an arctic fox would wilt terribly in southern climes.

Then this brings into play that great motivator of culturally acceptable practices...FASHION! One should never dismiss how much fashion plays a part in changing trends. To be honest it was one of the driving factors in the development of dress and arming in late medieval Europe all the way to the industrial age. The battlefield might not have changed a great deal in 300-500 years, but it surely did with aristocrats and nobles, the most prolific example being the rapier. I sort of see the same potential with anthropomorphic characters.

Dying of the fur would be one way to make a statement, especially with those that are considered plain. Another might be the shaving of patterns or styling in one's fur. Then there is jewelry. It would needs be rather robust (read ostentatious by human standards!) to be seen past or through fur. Large rings, collars and the like. Then there are piercings. Couple all of this with an adolescent need to be seen and acknowledged and I think you might get some wildly entertaining variations!

And, oh, Mr. Campion, you do have a point about sex. Looking at virtually all life on this planet, the only drive that I have ever seen that is greater is the quest for food. The need to breed and the need to feed are the two most powerful drives. You can add a variety of conditions and aspects to either one, but in the end, stripped down of all their justifications, those two forces are the reason to get up in the morning. Granted, most enlightened creatures, including us, can control these drives to a degree, exercising self control. But they are still terribly powerful impulses.

Then again any sort of behavior outside of the norm is considered deviant, but utilizing a Bell Curve would show that certain tendencies, such as a partner of a different species, would fit somewhere along that curve. I see small segments of the society you have built forming small communities, not unlike some of the ones that we see in real world...dominance play, fetishists, role players...coming together because they don't see anything wrong in loving another for the individual that they are, not what form they take. That, however, does lead to distasteful instances like what's been done to Talitha, Benni, and now Tanya. That, however, is the burden of being enlightened and controlling impulses or damaging behaviors.

And I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying this!

Thoughts or input from anyone else?

“Dying of the fur would be one way to make a statement, especially with those that are considered plain. Another might be the shaving of patterns or styling in one's fur.”

Doggone it, Estoc!  You’ve just made me realize what an opportunity I missed in my own writing to make use of fur dying and shaving.  My stories are set in 1960s America, a time of hippies and flower children wearing tie-dyed clothing.  I may have to go back now and make some revisions…

Before any of us head too far down the path of discussing Anthropomorphic sexual practices, perhaps that is best addressed in a separate forum post.

Agreed! There's a great deal of fun topics to be addressed, and as there is still a rather squiggy approach to the topic of sex, I will concur with you.

As for the fur dye and different modes of styling, wow! Where to begin on that one? It would be interesting to discuss as it's something I've used in a couple of stories and never gets old, especially when you consider modes of adornment that humans have employed throughout history!