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Introduction and openness..

I am _very_ open about the things that have happened to me, as it's part of how I cope with it, feel free to ask me to tone it down if I do talk too openly about ills that have befallen me, about the realistic circumstances of how often it occurs in the real world, and how pissed off I get at people who can't understand that fantasy is not reality, nor does it lead to reality.  Again, if I make anyone uncomfortable about stuff, tell me to tone it down.

So, let's see, who am I?  Well, some important info first; I was abused as a kid, most of the sexual abuse that I had happen to me was by other kids, though, and I almost got kidnapped even, so yeah, this comic is VERY important to me, it resonates with me in so many ways.

I've been broke as heck, and am again right now, I've been worth around a million dollars and had it taken from me, I've lived and loved, saved lives, lived with constant chronic depression and anxiety, and was finally told that I'm messed up enough in the head due to chemical imbalances that I should not work, so am disabled, though still trying to get on disability.  I also have pernicious anemia, so that's another reason I'm disabled, it gives a bunch of health problems including chronic fatigue syndrome.

In my life, I have found out many things, and the most important of them is blood relations barely matter, love is the most important, your friends are the family you _choose_, distance doesn't matter, time doesn't matter, if you love your friends, they're your family forever, no matter the last time you saw each other.

Well, that's pretty much the core of me.  Oh, and I'm a total nerd for sci-fi/fantasy and junk like that.