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Introductions, huh?

Well, seeing no one else has jumped on this, I suppose I can. Here you will see me as Estoc, though that is far from my actual name. I'm called by other things where I write and weave stories and tales, some sci-fi, some fantasy, and a bit of fan fiction. Ask and I'll tell you where, but don't expect anything earthshaking.

The name Estoc is derived from my trade as a swordmaker, something I've been doing for the past 27, that makes me sound old, and is also called a 'tuck'.

I suppose it's no surprise that I'm something of a furry, and you might call me a 'grey muzzle' as I've been a fan of anthropomorphic stories as long as I can remember. I blame Disney. Why a furry, though? Well, humans are a know factor. I like the angle that anthros can introduce, and I'm a sucker for a good story. Stories, heck...almost all art, is something that I see as one of our species greatest inventions. It can teach lessons, convey opinions, observations, and teach as well as entertain.

I must admit I'm impressed by our host and tackling such a dreadful and frightening subject as this comic has brought out into the light of day.

So, what about some of my fellow readers?

Trade as a swordmaker, like it's your primary income? Or is it just a profitable hobby?

What are some of the blades you've made?

Also, yes, Disney can be blamed for a lot of furries.

You can unlock any door, if you only have the key.

It was my primary income and now blademaking is just a very profitable hobby! I'm older and the various abuses I've put my body through over the years severely limits shop time, particularly in the winter. Who knew that serving in the infantry and jumping out of aircraft would be so detrimental? Then again, I didn't expect to make it to 40 years of age, much less 50, so I may have failed to make proper long term choices!


Hmm... Let's see if I can attach a pic...Swords & thimgs.jpg


Let me know if that came out. I've just got a new laptop and have had 3 days to learn Win 10... I'm not too good at these things! 😉



The picture didn't attach. Did you put the full link?

You can unlock any door, if you only have the key.

Well, monkey nuts. Hmm. I'll have to fiddle around with this. I will admit that it was quite the effort to get me into the 21st Century, so I am far from being tech savvy!

Hi i'm Takua (*crowd in a bored voice* "Hiiii Takua...") I am an amateur of many things. I've been learning to draw, sew, and make things on and off since I was ten. Like I've seen the terrible furry eposodes on crime shows and seen art on Deviant Art. I've always been a sucker for web comics. I got into the whole furry thing some time when I was a teen, but not in the fandom itself till I was an adult.

I found this comic from the FurAffinity ads that show up a lot. It always got my curiosity when I saw it. I eventually clicked it and spent the whole night and morning reading the comic. And made friends from talking with other fans of the comic.

I was going threw a hard time when I first read Forest hill. The character of Benni impacted me a lot. He is vary relatable for reasons that I won't publicly go into. I actually cried my first read through. Don't worry. I'm easily emotional and tear up to happy Disney movie endings =P.

I had also got back into drawing cuz I had a need to draw some fan art =P. At the time all of the fan art was of Benni crying. I wanted to explore other characters. I've had fun examining all of the background characters who only appear once.

Hey Takua!

Well, one should always maintain a creative aspect! I'm a firm believer in keeping artistic juices flowing no matter what. Speaking of, it's been a while since I doodled anything that wasn't related to my forge. I might have to remedy that!

And yeah, Benni is definitely an interesting character. He's been through a hell of a lot and I look forward to seeing where he goes and how he and the others grow! Then again I also hope that Mr. Campion eventually brings them all together as a unique and extended family. They are all good for each other, in my humble opinion!

I don't know if I can be classified as a typical furry, though. I like the anthropomorphic bent, adding more or a different angle to situations than a human might or might not have, and how certain traits might influence responses and interactions with others. It's an attempt to see things from a different perspective, I suppose, for my own creative pursuits!