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On censorship and the old site

I went back and re-read the strip from the beginning of the attack on Tanya and Kaleb.  I hadn't seen those since Campion moved the comic here. What a difference! The whole sequence and, for me, the fight between Benni and Jestan are so much more powerful now that we can see the panels as they were intended.

For reference, Dale is talking about the entirety of  A Detour.

Of course, you do have to understand why my previous host had to do it, and it's the same for any private venture that relies upon advertising. Simply put: when money is on the line, and you are trying to maintain an all-ages site (even one with adult content, filters, and mature landing pages,) things like nudity, and especially sexuality beyond the usual Public Displays of Affection are often a 'no go' area. While the audience didn't seem to mind Flora's chapter so much (there were some complaints in the comments,) Almost Like Home brought out more complaints than the entirety of Flora's chapter, and I believe it's due to a double standard that female frontal nudity is tolerated, but male frontal nudity is not.

However, the fight scene is where the comic host's admin eventually stepped in, specifically in the comic where we learn Jestan's ultimate  goal, and we had a discussion on whether the strips could be considered in violation of the host's content policy. The admin ultimately had to make a decision, and he let me stay as long as I censored the strips, and I complied. While I was not happy with that decision, I understood the reasoning behind it, and it turns out that a few months later, the site was sold to a media conglomerate that I knew wasn't going to tolerate it, right of free speech be damned. This is why I started looking elsewhere.

That said, I stay in contact with said admin, and I believe he reads the comic (on this host) from time to time. He wasn't 'out to get me' but he did have a site to maintain.


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